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F4M4 Tag Combo

The F4M Series Ear Tags, including the F4M1, F4M2, F4M3, and F4M4, are designed for optimal visibility and durability for mature cattle and game. These large tags are ideal for distance reading, with options for writing or laser engraving larger numbers for easy identification. Each tag in the series is crafted to withstand environmental challenges, ensuring longevity and readability. Choose the right combo from the F4M Series for efficient herd management and reliable animal identification.

F4M4 Tag Combo

  • Technical Specifications

    Material: TPU

    Weight: 25.5g

    F4 Dimensions: 100mm x 76mm

    M4 Dimensions: 100mm x 76mm

    Maximum Text Height F4: 51mm

    Maximum Text Height M4: 51mm

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