Animal Microchip implantation has many advantages

Forgery and tamper-proof

Proof of ownership and pedigree

Confidence in the credibility of breeding

Required for trips abroad

Identification of run-away, abandoned, stolen and abused animals











Syringe Features

Needle with a special cut which provides painless implantation

The injector is equipped with a restrictor of depth of the needle's injections

An acoustic “click” and a tangible movement are the signs of the transponder coming out of the cannula.

Includes 6 barcode labels

With EO( Ethylene Oxide) sterilization in the transportation safe packaging sterile for 5 years

Transponder Features

2 x 12mm ISO-Transponder

Standard transponder in Schott bio-glass with Parylene C-shell forms an irregular surface coating on the microchip. This promotes cell seeding and allows the tissue fibres within the animal to bond and grow around the microchip, holding it in place.

Manufactured in accordance with ISO standard 11784/85 FDX-B and ICAR approved